Resume Advice


A resume should be a one (at most two) page advertisement all about YOU. The ultimate goal is that a recruiter or potential employer will scan over your resume and want to pick up the phone and have a longer conversation with you.

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts.

  • DO include current contact information - name, cell number AND email address

  • DON'T include personal information or use a childish email account - no one wants to write to

  • DO keep your resume to one page - two at most if you have extensive experience and achievements.

  • DON'T use long sentences - bullet points are better

  • DO list job history from current (first) to oldest (last) and include dates.

  • DON'T include high school jobs - unless you just graduated.

  • DO call attention to key skills that show us you are capable of doing the job you are applying for.

  • DON'T include skills that are irrelevant to your field of work

  • DO have someone else check your resume for errors - sometimes you just can't see them.

  • DON'T use poor grammar or typos - even more important if the job you are applying to requires attention to detail.